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AIP Scheme Summary

Rationale: Most of the elderly prefers to stay at their familiar homes for as long as
they wish. Our AIP scheme aims to strengthen the health of the elderly
residents and resilience to disability even when they are ageing in place.
Riding on the trusting relationship and nearby location, estate- based
social workers will reach out to the needy elderly residents and network
timely, accessible, affordable and appropriate services to them.

Service Target: Residents aged 60 or above living in HKHS rental housing estates

Service Achievement (4/2019-3/2020)

  1. Extended to all 20 of our rental estates
  2. Served 102,073 elderly tenants (frequency)
  3. Conducted 12,264 health assessments
  4. Referred 1,168 cases for follow-up
  5. Carried out 790 home modification assessments
  6. Since launch, engaged 340 organisations

Service Model



The Housing Society is committed to improving the tenants’ quality of life complementary to property management service. With a relatively high rate of ageing population, the Housing Society has extended the Ageing-in-Place (AIP) Scheme to all of our 20 rental estates since its launch in 2012. Through mobilizing community participation, partnership with government departments, welfare organizations, healthcare service providers as well as academics, a one-stop service and concern network for elderly residents is established to fulfill their needs in housing, healthcare and social support, so as to help them age in place.


  • 2012

    First launched in Cho Yiu Chuen

  • 2013

    Kick-off Ceremony officiated by HKHS

  • Extended the AIP scheme to 8 HKHS rental estates

  • 2014

    Extended the AIP scheme to 11 HKHS rental estates

  • Commenced a Longitudinal Study on AIP Scheme at 12 HKHS Rental Estates: 4 year outcomes (2014-2017)

  • 2015

    Extended the AIP scheme to 14 HKHS rental estates

  • 2016

    Finalist of “Best Approach to Support Ageing-in-Place” in the 4th APAC Eldercare innovation Awards, Singapore

  • Extended the AIP scheme to 20 HKHS rental estates

  • 2017

    “Social Capital Builder Logo Award 2016 - 2018” in the Social Capital Builder (SCB) Awards 2016

  • "Gold Star Award” and “Special Award” in the Age-Friendly Appreciation Scheme 2016

  • "Top Ten Outstanding Services Award” in the 2017 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare

  • 2018

    "Gold Star Award” and “Sustainable Promotion Award” in the Age-Friendly Appreciation Scheme 2018 - 2019

  • “Social Capital Builder Logo Award 2018 - 2020” in the Social Capital Builder (SCB) Awards 2018

  • Completed the Longitudinal Study on AIP Scheme at 12 HKHS Rental Estates: 4 year outcomes (2014-2017) and the Social Return on Investment (SROI) study on AIP Scheme at HKHS rental estates (2014-2017)

  • 2019

    Publication of AIP booklet named “Legend of Ageing-in-place” (安居傳耆)

  • Joint NGO District Meeting cum Study Result Sharing Forum officiated by HKHS

  • "Hong Kong Top Ten Outstanding Community Service Awards" in the Election of Hong Kong Top Ten Outstanding Community Service Awards 2019