The Housing Society has taken a leading role in the promotion of “ageing in place”, a concept that is considered a high priority by the Hong Kong SAR Government for our elderly population.

Our commitment to “aging in place” was extended to our rental estates in 2012 through the launch of the Ageing-in-Place (AIP) Scheme. Based on the idea that elderly people who live in a familiar environment can lead to healthier and happier lives, AIP Scheme helps forestall early and gradual decline in health of our senior residents through rendering home modifications, health and social care services to support ageing in place.


Three-pronged Support

AIP Scheme’s approach involves three areas of support, namely:

  1. Housing support
  2. Social support
  3. Health care support
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Five Service Domains

  1. Home Safety: Conducting home environmental assessments and modifications
  2. Healthiness: Networking rehabilitation and health-related services to manage chronic diseases
  3. Autonomy: Promoting fall-prevention exercises to strengthen physical condition
  4. Happiness: Organizing social caring activities and mental health programmes to encourage happy ageing
  5. Abled Brain: Conducting training to detain cognitive impairment

Three-tier Intervention

Mass Health Screening : Health Assessments
Tier I: Health Talks and Exercise Groups
Tier II: Matched training with health care plan
Tier III: Volunteer & Mutual Support platform

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